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The band traces it’s roots some 24 years ago, when they played their first concert in The Squirrel Bar near the Gallowgate, Glasgow in 1989. They are known as "The World's Number One Celtic Band" and have enjoyed a reasonable degree of success in this role, having played to audiences across the world including the USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East, Australia, throughout Europe and all across the UK and Ireland.
The band's name is derived from the nickname for Celtic Football Club, which most of their music celebrates. The Celtic Legend, Billy McNeill accidentally gave the band their name whilst placing an ad for them performing in his pub McNeill's Bar in the south side of Glasgow. At that time the band didn't have a name and Billy thought Jimmy the band leader was called Charlie. They decided to keep the name in his honour.
The biggest turn-out the band has had so far was in Seville, Prado De San Sebastian, Spain, where an estimated 15,000 turned out the night before Celtic's UEFA Cup final with FC Porto. The only time the band appears in Glasgow these days is at the famous Glasgow Barrowlands venue twice per year. The Band are:
Grease - Is the front man of Charlie and the Bhoys and is the writer of the bands original material. Playing guitar, banjo, mandolin and is the bands lead vocalist.
Squigy - Joined the band in the first year they were formed. He played bass up until 2003 when he then moved on to guitar. (Left the band in the late 90s for 2 years)
Wardie - Plays flutes and whistles and has been in the band from the beginning when he joined as a 17 year old after moving to Glasgow from his home in Donegal. He now lives in Benidorm, Spain and flies in for The Glasgow Barrowlands concerts and joins the band on gigs overseas.
Kebab - Joined the band in the year 2000 playing the bass on keyboards. Also designs the bands album covers and takes care of a host of other things fundamental to the bands appearance.
Quinnigan - Is on guitar and is also a fine vocalist (cd10), he is also the newest member of the band joining in 2004.
Charlie - Boyle (The cap) was the bands drummer. He is now retired and living back in his native Donegal. He makes an appearance now and then when the band play in Donegal, Ireland.                                                                           The band 75% of the time travel as a trio. The size of the gig determines how many perform or if requested.
Charlie & the Bhoys have 10 albums and 1 DVD to date. Their material can be heard on TV, Radio (Ireland, US and Canada). The band make no royalties whatsoever from any of their music and if heard anywhere it has been donated by the band to play for free.
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The name Charlie and the Bhoys was thought up by Billy McNeill whilst placing an ad for his pub. The band never had a name at that time!

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